Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cookeville OKs Retail Package Liquor Stores

The voters in Cookeville have decided that they want to permit retail package stores to sell alcoholic beverages.  Of the 6,653 people who cast ballots on the issue, more than 56 percent said they were in favor of allowing grocery stores and other retail outlets to offer more than just beer to customers for off-premises consumption.  Until the vote, the town of Baxter was the nearest place where retail liquor sales were allowed.  The vote was fairly consistent across all ten precincts with Cookeville voters, although a significant majority of those in the Northeast precinct voted in favor of the sale. The margin there was 65 percent in favor, with just 34 percent opposed. Meanwhile, in the Prescott South precinct, the majority of the vote went against the sale, 53 to 46 percent.  Voters at the Cookeville Community Center precinct also went against the grain, but only slightly. Eight-four voters there were against it; 83 were in favor.