Thursday, November 4, 2010

Counterfeiting Cases Investigated

The Cookeville police department today is investigating an incident in which a local resident found several counterfeit bills in the parking lot of the local Walmart.  Police say a shopper at the store found more than ten five-dollar bills and eight single dollar bills.  According to the report, one thing that made them obviously fake was that they shared a common serial number.  Police say the woman retrieved the bills from the parking lot and took them to the police station the next day.  Meanwhile, Cookeville police say a man is in trouble after passing counterfeit money at a local business. One arrest has been made, and others are being investigated. According to authorities, the phony money was used at a motel, a restaurant, an auto supply store and a pharmacy. Twenty-three-year-old Jonathan Demetrus Smith of McMinnville faces a November 22nd court date in the case on charges of criminal simulation. Officers quoted him as saying he had printed 400 twenty dollar bills.