Monday, November 22, 2010

Couple Accused Of Stealing Cart Full Of Groceries

Charges of shoplifting and public intoxication are pending against two Cookeville residents who allegedly ran out the front of the Kroger store with a shopping cart full of groceries that they hadn't paid for.  It happened just after midnight when store security officers told police that a white male and white female subject had loaded up a cart with more than $200 worth of assorted groceries and then ran out the front door while pushing the cart.  They reportedly fled the area on foot, but were later captured and returned to the store, where they were identified by employees.  Police identified them as 31-year-old Christina Lynn Ethridge of Washington Avenue and 30-year-old Ronnie Dale Whitener of Lowe Avenue. They say both had red, watery eyes and an odor of alcohol on them.