Monday, November 8, 2010

Document Shredding Discussed By Committee

The planning committee of the Putnam County commission has recommended that the recycling center refuse to accept any documents which they know to contain personal or sensitive information. Officials say they don't want the county to be held liable if that information is somehow used to steal someone's identity. The committee had initially discussed adopting a policy, whereby the department director would have the discretion to accept or refuse documents which he knew to contain social security numbers or bank account information. Director Keith Street said, in one case recently, a local business had asked him to accept 150 boxes of such material.  But rather than leaving the decision up to the department, the planning committee recommendation is that NO such documents be accepted.  The recycling center will still accept documents with that kind of information from departments of county government, but officials say private companies are available to take care of such items for private business.