Monday, November 29, 2010

Drug Citations Issued After Traffic Stop

Cookeville police say two people were issued drug citations after a car drove around both a police car and a fire truck before stopping just before it would have come into contact with a downed power line.  It happened Saturday night on South Maple Avenue, where Officer Michael Herrick says he was blocking southbound traffic with his patrol car while crews worked on the power line.  He says he had his emergency lights activated and says that lights were also flashing from a Cookeville fire department truck on the scene. But he says 20-year-old Justin Eugene Pruitt of Cassville, Tennessee, drove around those emergency vehicles anyway.  That led to an investigation and a search of the vehicle Pruitt was driving.  Herrick claims he found a small bag of marijuana on the driver's side floorboard near the brake pedal. And says Pruitt did not have a license to drive.  Meanwhile, 22-year-old Katherine Marie Goude of Cookeville was issued citations for simple possesion of drugs and drug paraphernalia after Herrick allegedly found a marijuana pipe and a small amount of the drug in her purse.