Monday, November 15, 2010

Election Commission Certifies Results

The Putnam County Election Commission voted Monday to certify the results of the November 2nd election, after canvassing every machine that was used in that election and verifying that the numbers on the machines matched those on the tally tapes from election night. They found no discrepancies. Officials reminded any candidates who wished to challenge the election that they have five days from the date of certification to file such a challenge. And, because of some controversy over seals that were improperly cut from some of the machines, the certification process and the handling of the machines was recorded on video. Election Commission chairman Terry Herrin also said that the commission next month may consider adding a video camera in the vault where the machines are locked up to keep a record of who does or does not have access to them. Herrin also said the commission will look at the cost of adding video surveillance cameras to the outside of the building for security purposes.