Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hospital Improves Patient Lift Equipment

Patients at Cookeville Regional Medical Center will now benefit from a new patient lift system that is being used to provide safer handling of patients throughout the facility.  Hospital officils say that many times during a hospital stay, patients who are immobile and not able to move by themselves are lifted by hospital staff for various reasons. Linda Crawford, the Chief Clinical Officer at Cookeville Regional, says. “This equipment provides a safer environment for patients, giving our staff an extra body, so to speak, when transferring and moving patients who can’t move on their own or who need assistance with moving. She says, "the equipment will help staff in moving patients around in the bed, moving them to a chair or helping them get up out of the bed to walk." Crawford said, “Patient safety is an indicator of the quality of care a hospital provides, and at Cookeville Regional, we are definitely ahead of the curve with the addition of this extra safety measure.” She says the new patient lift system will reduce the possibility of injury for not only patients but staff as well.