Thursday, November 4, 2010

Man Charged With DUI For The Fifth Time

Cookeville police say a man from Monroe, Tennessee, has been charged with drunk driving -- for the fifth time.  The most recent arrest for 44-year-old James Keith Daniels of Willow Grove Highway came this week when Officer Marc DeClaire was flagged down by a motorist at the intersection of North Washington Avenue and 10th Street, who told him that a pick-up truck was driving in a manner consistent with DUI. DeClaire followed the truck for a short distance before pulling it over. He says it was immediately evident that Daniels was impaired, even though Daniels denied having anything to drink.  After being asked to do some field sobriety tests, Daniels allegedly admitted to having "two beers."  He failed the sobriety tests, and refused to submit to a blood test to determine the level of alcohol or drug content in his system.  DeClaire says Daniels' license was revoked for DUI in May of 2007, and that a records check revealed four prior DUIs -- the one in 2007, one in 2003, one in 1999, and one in 1988.  Daniels' vehicle was taken to the Cookeville police department's impound lot and may be forfeited.