Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michigan Man Accused Of Vandalizing Motel

A man, who reportedly became agitated about being denied a room at a Cookeville motel, has now been charged with vandalism -- after he allegedly swung a piece of wood at the motel's glass door, shattering it.  It happened Monday night at the Knight's Inn motel on Salem Road.  According to a report by Officer Adrienne Lintz, 39-year-old Alan Dale McBride of Plainwell, Michigan, had showed up, attempting to rent a room.  But, because he had no ID, a motel clerk refused to rent to him.  The clerk says McBride became agitated and remained in the parking lot. He then grabbed a piece of wood and began walking back toward the front lobby.  That's when the employee locked the front door.  The report says McBride was upset about being locked out and swung the piece of wood at the door, causing the entire door to shatter from the ceiling to the floor. He then reportedly sat down on the curb to wait for the police. He had asked for the police to be called because he thought he was having a heart attack or a stroke. The report says McBride was transported to the ER for an evaluation as the vandalism warrant was obtained on him.