Sunday, November 14, 2010

Putnam County Commission To Meet

The Putnam County commission Monday night will discuss whether or not to spend some $50,000 to make improvements to the waste collection centers at Bangham, Monterey and Bloomington Springs.  Officials say the expenditures are needed to bring those centers up to par with other heavily used sites, such as the one on Dacco Quarry Road.  If that money is approved, they say the sites will be roughly equivalent in how they handle the collection of both household waste and larger items, like old appliances.  Meanwhile, the commission will also discuss a policy that would bar the county's recycling center from accepting unshredded documents from any non-governmental sources -- when those documents may contain sensitive information which could lead to identity theft.  And they'll consider approval of a contract with the Upper Cumberland Human Resources Agency which would have that group be the administering agency for the county's drug court program.