Monday, November 22, 2010

Sheriff's Department Investigating Suspicious Fire

Investigators with the Putnam County sheriff's department are investigating a suspicious fire that destroyed a trailer home on Dyer Creek Road over the weekend.  Authorities say they noticed that someone had broken into the plastic placed over the electric meter at the home, but they're not sure whether the fire was electrical in nature.  They say it could have been a chemical fire because they have reason to believe that someone may have been involved in the manufacture of methamphetamine at the location.  Investigator Silas Golden also took a sample of a liquid from a gasoline container found in the front yard of the mobile home and interviewed several people at the scene.  No charges have yet been brought in the case. Meanwhile, authorities say charges may also be brought in a separate case in which a fire was caused over the weekend. This time, the suspects are several juveniles who were seen shooting a bottle rocket into a field on Cumby Road, causing it to catch on fire.  Deputy Jeremy Nash says he drove around the area looking for the suspects' vehicle, but did not find it.