Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stolen Car Reovered By Private Citizen

Cookeville police say a car stolen when the owner left her key underneath the driver's seat and the doors unlocked has now been recovered after one of her acquaintances saw the vehicle travelling down Willow Avenue early one morning.  The man told police that when he saw the stolen 2000 model Dodge Neon, he jumped into his girlfriend's car and started following. But he says the people in the car apparently realized that they were being followed and abandoned the vehicle at the intersection of 18th Street and Missouri Avenue, fleeing the scene on foot.  According to the police report, the suspects were able to make off with a purse from the vehicle, and the victim says the purse contained more than $200 in cash, several prescription medications, and various ID cards. Police say the car was returned to its owner, but say they were unable to gather any physical evidence from it because the man who chased down the vehicle then got into it and pulled it out of the road -- thereby contaminating the scene.