Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Three Local Residents Charged With Theft

Three Putnam County residents have been charged with theft and trespassing after the owner of a local tow truck operation caught one of them scaling the fence at his business. The sheriff's department says 27-year-old Ryan Heath Flatt of Old Baxter Road was apprehended by Donnie Burgess, owner of Donnie's Towing in Baxter, after Burgess went to check on his business and allegedly saw Flatt.  Flatt initially told deputies that he had run out of gas, but later allegedly admitted to stealing an aluminum wheel.  A search of his truck also turned up several vehicle parts, including two brake hubs, two power steering hubs, and the front end for a John Deere skidder.  Further investigation led police to also charge two brothers -- Shone and Daniel Frazier of Byers Road -- with theft and trespassing.