Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cookeville Billboards Get Internet Attention

The website for a group called the National Organization For Marriage says a grassroots effort to promote the biblical view of "Marriage God's Way" has materialized into the form of two billboards in Putnam County. The billboards, produced by Roland Advertising, depict a young man and woman along with the words: "Man + Woman = Marriage God's Way" in reference to Genesis 2:24 from the Bible. The first, located on Highway 111 south of Interstate 40, went up in September. A second billboard went up on I-40, westbound before Exit 290, in October.  Writer Amy Davis says that though the message is controversial, supporters of the sign, who have no official name for their group, say it is needed around their region and beyond. They hope news of the billboard will spread and become a nationwide effort among fellow advocates of marriage between one man and one woman. One sign supporter, Kerry Duke, who also serves as dean at Tennessee Bible College in Cookeville, said the group purposely avoided a reference to "traditional marriage" in the billboard. He said, "The will of God -- not tradition -- is the basis for saying that marriage should be between people of the opposite sex,"