Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cookeville Cracker Barrel To See Some Changes

The Cracker Barrel in Cookeville is part of a pilot project in which the company will install Blink electric vehicle chargers, provided by Ecotality Inc., at 24 restaurants in Tennessee. Officials say the pilot is part of a broader effort by Ecotality, based in Tempe, Ariz., to get charging stations in more places across the country. The lack of charging stations, along with the high cost of vehicles, are major hurdles to the spread of electric vehicle technology. Cracker Barrel restaurants are mostly located near major highways where travelers can get to them, and back on the road, easily. Ecotality said this makes them an ideal fit for the charging stations. About 40 percent of Cracker Barrel guests are travelers. Guests will be able to get a full charge in less than 30 minutes at 12 DC Fast Charging stations. Chargers at the other 12 locations will take longer, but the companies didn't say how long.