Thursday, December 2, 2010

Council Passes "2030" Future Growth Plan

The Cookeville city council has passed the Cookeville 2030 plan, while addressing the concerns of the group known as the Cookeville Area Residents Association.  That group had contacted council members with their concern about some of the roads proposed in the plan. Wayne Pegram spoke to the issue, saying that it was "insulting to the public" to keep bringing up roads that local residents have said they don't want. But council member Jim Woodford said the roads are needed to address the expected population growth in the area.  And council member Alma Anderson says having a plan of some sort is vital.  City officials also stressed that just having a road identified in a future plan does not mandate that the road will ever be constructed. Meanwhile, the council did approve a bid of some $13 million dollars to Highways, Incorporated, for the construction of the Highlands Business Park Road. They were the lowest of four bidders on that project.