Sunday, December 19, 2010

County Commission To Consider Stream Cleanup

The Putnam County commission meets Monday night to decide whether or not the county should allocate $37,500 as part of an effort to remove debris that was left in local streams this year as a result of flooding. Officials say that debris includes things like automobiles, trailers and piles of wood. Some commissioners say the cost of the clean-up should be paid for by the state of Tennessee, at least in part because the streams affected are considered part of "waterways of Tennessee." A two-mile long section of a stream that runs from the Gainesboro Grade to Plunk Whitson Road is part of the work. County executive Kim Blaylock told commissioners last week that the clean-up work needs to be done, regardless of who pays for the work because if the debris remains, the potential for serious flooding remains. If they approve their local match, the county would receive federal funds for the project from the Emergency Watershed Protection or EWP program. Officials say that all of the property owners along the streams would also have to agree to the work, since they are mostly located on private property.