Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Creek Clean-up Could Begin By Spring

They haven't yet decided where the money will come from, but the Putnam County commission this week did agree to have the county contribute 25 percent of the cost of cleaning debris out of two local streams that were polluted during flooding this year. And officials say that clean-up of wood piles, automobiles and other debris could begin next spring. The cost of the clean-up is estimated to be about $160,000, and county executive Kim Blaylock says the county's portion will probably come in the form of borrowed money -- a capital outlay note.  She said that Road Supervisor Randy Jones has agreed to pull $10,000 out of his department's budget to help cover the cost, but said the road department does not have the ability to pay for it all. On an 18-to-6 vote, the commissioners voted to OK the county's participation in a program whereby federal dollars would pay for 75 percent of the stream clean-up. But the motion also included a provision that the final decision on which fund the county money should come from would be determined at a later date.