Thursday, December 23, 2010

Flu Season Brings New Hospital Policy

The holiday season has brought a new policy to Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The hospital is now restricting anyone under the age of 16 from being a visitor. They say people in that age group are more likely to spread the flu virus. The exception will be the brothers and sisters of newborns who are visiting the nursery area of the hospital.  Hospital officials say they recorded their first flu case back in September, but have now decided to follow a recommendation from the Centers For Disease Control and prohibit children and teenagers from visiting the hospital.  Even adults, they say, who exhibit flu-like symptoms -- including a cough, sore throat and fever -- will be asked to wear a mask upon entering the hospital. And patients who are admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms will be placed in isolation, with staff and visitors to their rooms being required to wear a mask. The restrictions are expected to stay in place until at least March or April of next year.