Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Putnam YMCA Announces New Initiative

The Putnam County Family YMCA is joining other "Y's" across middle Tennessee in kicking off a new initiative next week. Ted McWilliams is the director of the local Y, and says the goals include renewed efforts at volunteerism and outreach programs.

"The Putnam County Y is a member of the middle Tennessee YMCA Association," he said, "and they develop long term goals to improve quality of life. And this decade -- from 2011 to 2020 -- is called 'Hope For Life.'

McWilliams says for many years the YMCA has been looked at as just a "gym and swim" facility, but says they are "so much more than that."

"We want to be closer to the heart of Cookeville and the community and one way we can make those connections with folks is (to promote) volunteerism among both members and non-members. It's one way that the community can give back to itself."

For more information on the campaign, you can call the Y at 528-1133.