Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shoplifters Continue To Be Caught In Cookeville

Police say they don't expect a recent increase in the reports of shoplifting to settle back down any time before the hoildays are over -- if then. But they say local stores are serious when it comes to prosecuting people who try to steal from them.  A Jackson County teenager was cited after he allegedly went into a dressing room at the Kohl's store -- put on several items of clothing -- and then put his own clothes back on over the top of the stolen merchandise.  Store employees noticed the unusual bulges and stopped the 16-year-old, who had been trying to get away with some $500 worth of merchandise.  Meanwhile, in separate incidents, a 32-year-old Gainesboro man was cited for shoplifting a camera from the K-Mart store, a 21-year-old Cookeville woman was caught trying to steal DVDs from Kroger; and a 22-year-old Byrdstown man was stopped for trying to steal a jacket from JC Penney.