Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Substitute Teacher Dismissed For Slapping

The Putnam County school system will no longer be using a substitute teacher, accused of slapping a sixth grade student last week. Officials say the incident occurred at Prescott Central Middle School when the substitute allegedly hit the student in the neck and shoulder area "to make him stop humming in class."  The student told another teacher about the incident and his parents later asked for a police investigation.  When questioned, the substitute reportedly denied "slapping" the student, saying he had "just sort of patted him on the shoulder."  But schools director Dr. Kathleen Airhart says that such physical contact is not allowed and the substitute, who is a retired teacher from another county,  will no longer be used by the school system.  Authorities say, in spite of the police report, any criminal charges would have to be taken out by the alleged victim.