Thursday, December 2, 2010

Two Local Names Added To Sex Offender Registry

Two new names from the Cookeville area have now been added to the state's sex offender registry.  26-year-old Kristine Ann Kidder was placed on the list after pleading guilty to aggravated statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy.  She was given a two-year prison sentence.  Authorities say she and the 15-year-old were engaged in sexual contact between March and May of this year and that Kidder knew the teenager to have limited mental capacity.  Meanwhile, as our blog readers have already noted, 41-year-old John R. Travers was put on the list after pleading guilty to sexual battery of a teenage girl, who was the daughter of an acquaintance.  Travers had also initially been charged with solicitation of a minor for sending sex-related text messages, but those charges were dropped with his agreement to plead guilty. He was also given a sentence of two years, but that sentence was suspended and he will be allowed to remain on probation if he stays out of trouble.