Thursday, January 6, 2011

Council Places More Restrictions On Liquor Stores

The Cookeville city council Thursday night passed on first reading an ordinance which will prevent the establishment of package liquor stores in the city's neighborhood commercial zones. City planner James Mills says the original recommendation of the planning commission had been to allow the stores in that zone and several other commercial areas, but he says they did so with the impression that there would be a total of four stores that could locate in town.  Discussion since that time has been focused on allowing the free market to determine how many stores are able to operate in Cookeville.  And, according to Mills, there may be a perception that allowing package stores to locate near residential neighborhoods could be detrimental.  Under the ordinance passed Thursday night, the stores would still be allowed in the commercial zones located along the city's major streets. Council members say they would prefer to start with a more restrictive ordinance and then remove the restrictions in the future -- if its deemed necessary.