Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scam Artists Roaming The Area

Cookeville police say scam artists are hitting the area lately with a variety of cons that cost people money. In at least two cases, men have been able to steal money from local restaurants by pulling what is commonly known as the "quick change" scam. That's when a customer keeps asking for various exchanges of money from a cashier and then arguing that they have been shortchanged. If they can get the clerk confused enough, they can get away -- in some cases -- with a couple of hundred dollars. Police say the two most recent incidents were reported at Walmart and at Arby's. They have video surveillance of at least one of the scammers. Meanwhile, police say an elderly woman reported to them that two men came to her door allegedly trying to sell floor coverings. She says that one of the men kept her talking while the other wandered the house. When they had left she found that she was missing $35 dollars, taken when one of the con men had gone through her purse. They had also opened a jewelry box, but had not apparently taken anything.