Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Snow Days" Continue To Pile Up In Putnam

Although they make their decisions on a day to day basis, some Putnam County school officials are already considering what they should do if the school system runs out of the "snow days" that are built in to the calendar on an annual basis.  It's a problem they had to face last year when they exceeded their allotment of 13 days and decided to hold classes on Election Day last May -- a day that they normally would have taken off.  Director of Schools Dr. Kathleen Airhart says IF the school system once again uses up all of their snow days this year -- and that's not happened yet, the options for making them up would include using Spring Break, going on Saturdays or extending the school year.  She has previously said that she's not generally in favor of using Spring Break. Airhart also says that Tennessee state law mandates that all schools within the system remain on the same calendar, which makes it difficult to have schools open in Cookeville, but closed in Monterey.