Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surveillance Video Used Again In Investigation

Cookeville police have already used a surveillance video to charge a man with stealing a cell phone, and detectives hope that a similar video may help them solve a case of auto burglary.  It happened in the parking lot of of the Arby's restaurant on South Willow Avenue last Friday.  A man told police that he had left his car in that lot while he ran some errands with a friend.  When he returned to the unlocked vehicle a few hours later, he found that someone had been in it and had stolen a power supply that had been in the back seat.  And police say surveillance cameras from Arby's captured the apparent burglary. They show someone pulling up next to the victim's vehicle in a newer model red Ford Eclipse. The video then shows a heavy set woman get out of the vehicle, look into the victim's car, and then open the door and take something. Detectives are in the process of trying to identify the car and the thief.