Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TTU President Clarifies Decision To Close

Officials at Tennessee Tech say the snow, sleet and ice that came to the campus and many parts of the South last week presented a rare situation for students, faculty and staff trying to make their way back to campus after holiday break.  They say the timing of the inclement weather presented an unusual situation. Many students found themselves facing severe road conditions between campus and their homes in different parts of the state and region. At the same time, Thursday and Friday classes were separated from the rest of the semester by a three-day break, during which time road conditions were expected to significantly improve.

"We know many people were surprised about the decision to cancel classes on Thursday and Friday," said President Bell. "Our inclement weather policy has consistently led us to decide to hold classes as scheduled and let students and faculty make the best decisions for themselves in regards to their safety. This situation was different. Because so many students were home for the break and in many cases found themselves several hours away, we had to consider this a special circumstance," said Bell.

"We carefully considered the situation as a student, parent, faculty member and staff member would and made the decision I felt appropriate. We know there may be more bad weather this winter, and we still believe our inclement weather policy allows us to serve all students and encourages everyone in the campus community to make decisions to stay safe."