Thursday, January 20, 2011

TVA Holds Public Hearing In Cookeville

The Tennessee Valley Authority is conducting a public meeting Thursday, in Cookeville, to receive comments on the potential environmental effects of a proposed power supply improvement in Putnam and neighboring counties. The public can obtain more information and provide comments about the alternatives TVA is considering during an open house, from 3 to 7 pm  at Willow Place Conference Center, Cascade Hall, 225 N. Willow Ave.

According to TVA, a new 500-kilovolt substation or extensive 161-kV transmission upgrades will be required in Putnam and Cumberland counties by 2016 to meet anticipated power loads. They say the population of Putnam and Cumberland counties has grown nearly 1.8 percent per year since 2000. And TVA studies indicate 19 substations will not meet acceptable voltage criteria by 2016, and the remaining seven substations will be unable to meet criteria by 2019. TVA has identified three potential alternatives, as well as a fourth option, which is not taking any action. As the details are ironed out, one or more of the alternatives may be eliminated because of various technical aspects, unacceptable environmental impacts or unreasonably high economic costs. TVA expects to evaluate multiple sites for the new substation and various routing options for new transmission lines. TVA says its goal is to identify a solution that minimizes impacts to homeowners, property owners, existing environmental and historical features and planned development. Comments may be submitted either at the open house, by mail, e-mail or fax, through Feb. 22, 2011.