Thursday, February 10, 2011

Burks Election Contest To Be Decided By March 31

The ad hoc committee which will be deciding whether there is any merit to the contest of the election of State Senator Charlotte Burks has now agreed on a schedule for resolving the issue. Republican Gary Steakley, who lost the election, filed the contest, saying that he believes some of the voting machines in Putnam County were tampered with. The committee on Thursday set March 24th as the date that they will hear the matter in full, with plans to issue a full report by the end of March. They also set deadlines for the lawyers representing Steakley and Burks to file briefs and gather evidence. Michael Giamo attended the hearing to represent Steakley. Craig Fickling is the lawyer for Burks. And while Giamo said that local election officials had not provided Steakley with some documents he had requested, election commission attorney John Harris said all public records requests had been honored. He said the only items not provided were those considered exempt under attorney-client work product. Burks has been provisionally seated as a senator until the contest is decided.