Thursday, February 24, 2011

Federal Charges Considered In Overton Bomb Case

Authorities in Overton County say the discovery of a massive quantity of explosives at a man's house off of Jamestown Highway could lead to criminal charges. Authorities say they believe Douglas Wright was using the explosives to make pipe bombs. They report finding a freezer full of dynamite that may have been stolen from a construction company. Police also found a pipe bomb outside of Wright's home. He reportedly told authorities that he had the pipe bomb so people wouldn't steal from him. And officials say the Overton County case is apparently related to a pipe bomb that was found earlier this month in White County, where a woman took it to work with her at a branch of US Bank off Highway 111. Wright was initially taken into custody, but later released. Sheriff W.B. Melton told a Nashville television station that they do not view him as a threat to the community since the dynamite has been taken away. But the sheriff's office said Wright could be facing federal charges.