Sunday, February 27, 2011

Police Issue Citations For Illegal Beer Sales

Clerks at more than a dozen Cookeville businesses are facing a March 14th court date for illegally selling alcohol to someone under the age of 21.  And police say the business owners, who hold the permit for beer sales, will have to appear before the city's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, to explain themselves.  Major Nathan Honeycutt says that 59 stores in Cookeville have permits to sell beer, and all of them were checked this month, as part of the department's efforts to be sure that the law is being followed. He says in thirteen instances, someone under the legal drinking age -- who was working with the police department -- was able to improperly purchase alcohol.  The businesses who did not properly ID their customers included at least two grocery stores, several conveniences markets and a truck stop.  Meanwhile, Honeycutt says that police were also checking for stores which were selling so-called "bath salts" that have been abused in recent weeks. He says they found the items for sale in at least nine locations, and spoke to the owners about the sales, but says not all of them agreed to remove the items because they are -- at this point -- NOT illegal.