Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Police Say Meth Labs Still A Problem

Putnam County law enforcement officers say, in spite of the recent focus on plant food abuse and illegal prescription drugs, there is still one drug that continues to be an issue in this area. Major Nathan Honeycutt of the Cookeville police department says, "There seems to be a public perception, generally, that the meth problem has gone away. It has not." He says, "It's a different type of meth lab with a different kind of ingredients, but it's still the same old bad meth."

Meanwhile, earlier this week, local law enforcement agencies got some bad news from the Drug Enforcement Agency. The federal grant that for years has funded meth lab clean-up and disposal is no more. White County Sheriff Oddie Shoupe said that's what his department was told when they called the DEA Tuesday afternoon after finding a meth lab on Frank Anderson Road. In previous years, the DEA has cleaned up and removed as many as 700 meth labs in the state of Tennessee. But now, apparently, local agencies will have to hire a private contractor to respond to the scene, and then pay that contractor when the work is done.