Thursday, February 24, 2011

Putnam Woman Indicted For Bomb Threat

A Cookeville woman will be arraigned next month in Putnam County Criminal Court after being indicted for calling in a bomb threat so she wouldn't have to go to work.  The allegations are being made against 45-year-old Angelia Rena Dillon of Linden Street. Police say Dillon called 911 last July to say that a pipe bomb had been put at a restaurant on South Willow Avenue. Authorities evacuated the business and the shopping center it was located in while they waited for the state's Bomb and Arson Squad to bring in a trained bomb-sniffing dog. Authorities ultimately determined that the bomb threat was a hoax and have been investigating the case ever since.  Although police say Dillon allegedly used a so-called TracFone which could not be traced, Detective Yvette Demming was reportedly able to track down the store in town where the phone was purchased and used video surveillance from the store to identify Dillon, who allegedly confessed to the crime. She's now been indicted on a charge of filing a false report.