Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Weather Hits Region Again

The standard advice applies for Cookeville area motorists who are travelling the roads today. Road crews say they have been concentrating on trying to keep the major roads clear of the snowfall that began Wednesday afternoon and continued for several hours into the evening. The unusually active winter season caused shortages in the salt supply late last month, but a spokesman for the Tennessee Department of Transportation says they have since receieved more than 500 tons of salt at the Nashville salt bin. TDOT had been prepared to conserve salt by using a salt-brine mixture, and some towns in Putnam County are using a calcium chloride product that also helps to melt ice and snow. But officials say several roads in the area will be hazardous today and advise you to stay home if you can. The good news, according to the weather service, is that the temperatures will warm up starting tomorrow, with no expected precipitation for the next few days.