Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Backstage' Production Wrapping Up

Frank Kunstler performing in QED at CPAC
Friday and Saturday night mark the final performances in the Backstage Series production of the play QED. Director Mike Birdwell says QED stands for Quantum Electrodynamics. It's a story about Richard Feynman, a Nobel award-winning American physicist played in this production by Frank Kunstler. The play presents scenes from a day in Feynman's life, less than two years before his death. It includes discussions of the Manhattan project, the Challenger disaster, and more personal topics such as the death of Feynman's wife, and his own fight with cancer. Performance times for the show are 7:30 each evening. You can reserve tickets or get more information by calling the Cookeville Performing Arts Center at 528-1313.