Sunday, March 20, 2011

Court Date Set For Accused Thieves

An April 11th court date has been scheduled for several Cookeville men, charged with theft of property for allegedly stealing a set of tools and a weather radio from a vehicle parked at a local business last week.  Police say the alleged thieves had a bit of bad luck after the burglary when they were involved in a traffic crash a few miles away.  Witnesses to that crash told police that they had seen some of the men in the vehicle tossing things out of the car before running from the scene.  Two of the four men were injured in the wreck, and two others ran away, police say.  But all four were ultimately caught and arrested. They were identified as 29-year-old Danny Jerome Tollett, 26-year-old Jerry Dewayne Tollett, 18-year-old Michael Joshua Tollett, and 26-year-old Eric Lee Ferrell. Police say the tool set and the radio were worth about $200.