Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Livingston Woman Charged With Child Neglect

A Livingston woman is facing charges of child neglect after her four-year-old daughter was allegedly found wandering alone on the streets near Tennessee Technology Center. According to authorities, an employee of the center had found a four year-old girl in the front entry around six o'clock in the morning. Thie child told the maintenance worker that her mother had dropped her off, but -- when no one showed up to retrieve the child -- police were called. They determined that the child lived on Lee Drive, which is a short distance from the Technology Center. Police went to that location and identified her mother as Dorothy Neal. The mother reportedly told officers that she did not know the whereabouts of her child, but that she had last seen the girl sleeping at home. Neal was reportedly asked to go to the police department to discuss the situation, but allegedly became agitated and closed the door on the officer, and on other authorities who came to talk to her. She was then charged with child neglect.