Sunday, March 13, 2011

Local Authorities Applaud 'Plant Food' Order

Cookeville police expect to begin checking local stores this week to be sure they are complying with a restraining order obtained by the state of Tennessee, which bars the sale of what's called Molly's Plant Food, a substance which several individuals have been abusing in recent months. But Major Nathan Honeycutt says it's not just a local problem.

"This is not something unique to Cookeville. This is a statewide and a nationwide problem," he said. "Actually, more of this is probably being bought on the Internet than it is in retails outlets."

Still, Honeycutt says local officials are concerned about the effects of the drug and are glad that the state is doing something about it.  Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper announced a statewide seizure of the product called Molly's Plant Food on Friday. Cooper said in a news release that the product is referred to on the Internet as "legal ecstasy" and contains mephedrone, a substance known to produce effects similar to ecstasy and cocaine when ingested. No criminal charges have been filed, but the state has cited civil law violations because the product has not been properly registered and labeled.