Wednesday, March 30, 2011

County Receives Grant To Improve Archives

Putnam County is one of 17 communities across Tennessee that is receiving grant funding from Secretary of State Tre Hargett's office to improve its local archives for preservation of public records. The county will receive $4,500. The Office of the Secretary of State is distributing a total of $45,500 statewide. The grant funds may be used to purchase equipment, supplies or furnishings used to help salvage, restore, preserve or index the community's records. The grant program was established in 1998. Putnam County's archives are located in the lower level of the new County Clerk's office on South Dixie Avenue. But officials said this week that the archive section of that building will be closed for the next ten days or so to accommodate the construction of a canopy over the entrance.

"The records contained in these archives may be extremely important to historians long after we are gone," Rep. Ryan Williams said. "It is wise to spend money now to make sure these records are properly maintained and accessible to the public."