Monday, March 21, 2011

Sex Offender Registry Violation Charged

Putnam County authorities are reminding anyone on the state's Sex Offender Registry that they have to observe the rules -- even if they are just going about their daily business.  In Monterey this month, 37-year-old Jeffrey Scott Payton of  East Peter Avenue,  who is a registered sex offender, was charged with violating the rules concerning sex offenders after he was noticed walking on a sidewalk, in front of Uffelman Elementary School.  According to Monterey police, they were investigating a citizen's complaint  when they allegedly found Payton walking in front of the school on a sidewalk. An officer pulled up and asked him why he was walking in front of the school, and Payton reportedly replied that he had simply gone to pay his electric bill. Sgt. Chad York told him that he was not allowed around any school and arrested him for violating the terms of the sex offender laws. The Registry lists Payton as having been convicted on Oct. 15, 1993 of indecency with a child.