Monday, March 28, 2011

Steakley Lawyer Withdraws From Case

The lawyer representing Republican Gary Steakley in his contest of election against Senator Charlotte Burks of Monterey has now withdrawn from the case. Gary Blackburn says the two had some disagreements that they could not overcome. Blackburn becomes the second attorney to withdraw from the case, but a Senate committee determining whether the election contest has any merit still plans to hold a final hearing on the matter this Thursday. On Monday, they discussed whether or not to issue subpoenas to force the appearance of several local election officials. Only one of more than half a dozen people that Steakley had wanted to call as witnesses will actually be subpeonaed. Based on Steakley's testimony on Monday, the committee agreed to issue a subpeona to Curtis Shinsky, the officer of election at the Algood School precinct. Committee members apparently felt that sworn statements and depositions given by several other potential witnesses negated the need to have them testify in person.