Monday, March 14, 2011

Suspected Burglar May Face More Charges

Further charges may be brought against a Cookeville man, already accused of two counts of burglary. Police say they caught 28-year-old Earnest Edward Bowman of Hill Street in the act of breaking into vehicles at the local movie theatre, and further investigation revealed items at his girlfriend's home, which were allegedly taken in other burglaries. Police say Bowman's arrest was the result of a decision to keep the parking lot of the Carmike Cinema under surveillance by an officer in an unmarked vehicle. That officer reportedly observed as Bowman broke into a vehicle in the parking lot and began rummaging around. When other officers were caleld to the scene, they reportedly found him sitting in a second vehicle. He'll be in court on the burglary charges on April 11th, and police say the additional charges will depend on what evidence they are able to gather about the items found in the girlfriend's home.