Monday, March 7, 2011

Women Charged With Conspiracy To Rob

Two Cookeville women, who were apparently at a home on Sycamore Street Sunday, when a man came in and robbed the place, have now been charged with planning that robbery.  Police identified the women as 20-year-old Jessica Rose Craighead of Landscape Road and 25-year-old Priscilla Dawn Holston of Glenn Road. The victim told police that a man carrying a tire iron entered his home and demanded that he empty his pockets and stole 28 prescription pills from him. He called police after the robbery, and officers were able to track down a suspect -- 24-year-old Robert Francis Schutt Jr. of Cedar Hill, Tennessee.  But police say further investigation led them to question the two women who were in the home, and police claim that the females admitted to planning the entire thing.  They were charged with conspiracy to rob, while Schutt was charged with aggravated robbery.  All three will be in court on April 11th.