Sunday, April 17, 2011

Commissioners To Be Updated On Redistricting

The Putnam County Commission Monday night is scheduled to hear an update on the redistricting committee, which is being put together to re-draw district lines -- based on changes in the population of the county over the past ten years.  Earlier this year, the commission agreed to the general make-up of that committee, but officials have not yet announced who, specifically, will be serving.  The county has until the end of the year to get new lines drawn, but officials say they hope to have the work done well before that deadline, so all the voters in the county can be notified of potentially new precincts. Redistricting is also being done on the state and national levels, based on the census numbers, which means your representatives in the U.S. Congress or Tennessee General Assembly may be changing, as well as who represents you on the county commission.