Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Court Date Set For Alleged Drug Dealers

A May 16th court date has been set for two men, accused of dealing drugs at a Cookeville trailer park.  Police say they noticed a car parked in a slot at 2400 Free Hill Road and allege that the men in the vehicle were selling drugs out of the vehicle. An officer who went to question the driver claims that he saw a bag of pills and what appeared to be a bag of cocaine in the vehicle.  A further search allegedly turned up two bags of crack cocaine and nearly three thousand dollars in cash. Charged in the case are 33-year-old Octavius Jackson of Lebanon, Tennessee and 35-year-old Jason Edward Hutchison of Cookeville.  Police also allegedly found more drugs in the trailer where they say Jackson occasionally stays, as well as cell phones with text messages and ongoing phone calls from would-be customers.