Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EMS Calls Memorial Blood Drive A Huge Success

Rachel Smith was one of more than 100 local
residents who donated blood during the drive.
Officials with Putnam County's Emergency Medical Services say the true spirit of our community was shown this week during the Paramedic Carmen Burnette Memorial Blood Drive in Cookeville. The event was held in memory of Paramedic Burnette, and to honor her service to the community. Rachel Smith, who coordinated the event, says their goal was to have 100 units of blood donated during the drive, and collect money to contribute to the CPR education fund. She says, they ended up with a total of 129 units of blood and six units of platelets.  Emergency officials say that on a day following damaging storms that swept through the area, the sun was shining brightly over those donating the gift of life. There were ambulances, fire trucks, and rescue trucks on display throughout the day, and many who donated also stayed to talk about Carmen Burnette and the legacy she left behind.

Smith also stated “We want to really thank everyone for their support and for coming out to donate. When we started talking about this, we knew 100 was going to be a tough goal, but we surpassed our goal and raised a significant amount to go to the Carmen Burnette CPR Education Foundation.”

Citizens who were not able to come out to the blood drive event can still donate at the Cookeville Blood Assurance office, located across from the depot in Cookeville, through the end of the week by mentioning that your donation is for the memorial blood drive.