Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Info Released On Cookeville Pilot's Crash

The News-Journal newspaper in Daytona Beach, Florida is reporting today that a preliminary report has been released from the National Transportation Safety Board concerning the crash of a plane at a Florida Air Show which claimed the life of Cookeville resident William "Wild Bill" Walker.  The 58-year-old crashed during a show on March 26th at Flagler County Airport.  According to the report, another team member at the air show noticed something was wrong moments before the crash and radioed Walker, but got no reply. The report says another team member said "no, no, no" over the radio just before Walker crashed. It says Walker's right wing pilot was the top half of a maneuver called a "half Cuban eight" when he saw Walker and everything "appeared normal." But, as he finished the maneuver, he saw that Walker's plane was flying in an unexpected position. The wing pilot got on the radio and called Walker, but Walker did not respond.  Flight experts say his being out of position and his lack of response suggest that he was incapacitated, perhaps from losing consciousness during a maneuver.  The results of an autopsy will be reviewed by a doctor for the NTSB, and officials say the final report will include Walker's medical status as well as the plane's mechanical condition.