Sunday, April 10, 2011

Putnam County Audit To Be Discussed

The standing committees of the Putnam County commission meet Monday night to talk about a number of items, including one specifically requested by the chairman of the county's Fiscal Review Committee. Mike Atwood says he wants to talk about audit findings for the 2009-2010 fiscal year.  The state's Division of County Audit released a report last month, noting what they say are deficiencies in many county departments.  For example, they think a centralized purchasing and accounting system would be better than the system currently in place, where the school department has a different set of books than those of the rest of the county.  And they also say that -- for mainly budgetary reasons -- there is not enough separation of duties in the elected offices which handle money. Generally accepted standards, they say, require one person to take in the money, and a separate person to deposit those funds in a bank account, making sure that all of the numbers are reconciled.  In fact, in one case, the audit found that cafeteria receipts at Park View School were not properly accounted for and that several thousand dollars in cash may be missing.  The audit reports that information on the case has been turned over to the District Attorney's office for review. School officials also say that procedures have been established to verify daily deposits from each cafeteria location.