Sunday, April 3, 2011

Putnam Man Arrested Again On Meth Charges

A Putnam County man, who has been arrested before on meth manufacturing charges, was taken into custody again last week after police investigated a shoplifting complaint.  According to the reports,  23-year-old Travis Gene Denson of Old Baxter Road was charged with promotion of meth manufacture, as well as resisting arrest and assault after an investigation by Cookeville police. Denson had allegedly shoved a K-Mart security worker who was trying to keep him from leaving the store without paying for some items.  He is also suspected of shoplifting a package of cold medicine from Walgreen's and of trying to purchase pseudoephedrine from CVS. Police claim they found items commonly used to make methamaphetamine when they stopped his vehicle.  Denson is also one of five people charged with meth manufacturing back in January when the Putnam County sheriff's department made an investigation at a mobile home on Dixon Lane.  He'll be in court on the latest charges on April 25th.